Other laser procedures

Skin rejuvenation with the Diode Laser is a modern way to improve your skin without the use of special cosmetics or supplements. The new generation of the Diode Laser’s pulsating 1064 nm wave reaches the deep layers of the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis and restoring the acid balance. The skin becomes firmer and rejuvenated, “delaying” the ageing process. This procedure is completely safe and the laser cooling process will also have a cryotherapy function which will leave a very pleasant sensation. You’ll enjoy a healthier, more vibrant and naturally glowing complexion! Skin rejuvenation can be applied not only to the face, neck or décolleté, but also to all other areas of the body. It is also suitable for all skin photo types.

The new generation of Diode Laser is safe, skin damage is practically impossible if contraindications and laser settings are not ignored.

PROFILACTIC: this procedure is used for the prevention of skin health in order to improve its appearance and condition. It is an excellent prevention to address the early signs of ageing, with no post-treatment period, and achieves rapid, safe and effective skin rejuvenation.

RESULT: excellent prevention of wrinkles, restoration of skin tone and healthy skin colour, noticeable improvement of the complexion, and a “shrunken” skin effect.