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Through our long journey of experience, we have found the right solution and we want to share it with you!

epiliacijos lazeriu, plauku salinimo lazeriu proceduros


Freedom of choice is something many of us can afford today. While we are still on the path of tolerance, with each passing day we are able to understand more, to be closer to the realization that we can all choose. Do you think that unwanted hair on the body simply doesn’t exist, so there is nothing to remove?  We are totally comfortable with your opinion!


But we are here for those who want to go the other way and remove unwanted hair from their body in a pain-free and permanent way!

That’s why we have been looking for innovative and effective ways to remove what is unwanted, painlessly and permanently. In other words, we were interested in hair epilation, not hair depilation. And no, expensive and painful lasers and lengthy epilation procedures were not for us either.


  • easy to use and requires no medical training;
  • does not require absolute precision and years of specialist experience in order to avoid side-effects on the body;
  • The diode laser, as it originally existed, also did not appeal to us because of its extremely clumsy size and very painful procedures;

So, we started looking for ways in which:

  • laser hair removal could be made accessible to everyone who wanted to do it and become a specialist;
  • hair removal procedures would be made less painful and less unexpected;

We found the answer to our questions in 2018, when we visited the Bologna exhibition in search of innovative solutions, but with a clear purpose. We came back with tangible results – we found like-minded partners who, like us, wanted to take laser hair removal to a much higher level.


We worked together to develop a next-generation diode laser that is easy to operate for a technician with no special training or long-term skills, and that works efficiently yet painlessly.

We have created the ideal combination of price, quality, management, maintenance and benefits! The new laser diode is manufactured in the United States, the most advanced crystal cooling technology SAPPHIRE has been developed in Japan, while other components have been developed in Europe. To make the ELi LASERS diode laser easy to operate, the IT specialists have implemented a professional but simple ANDROID control system, and the engineers have done a great job to ensure that quality and price are the perfect combination.

Today we are delighted to invite you to EPISCHOOL. A school that has successfully collaborated with the ELi LASERS project, thanks to which anyone can start a new activity.

It is time to change!