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The EpiSCHOOL laser hair removal training is designed for men and women, so anyone can become a specialist in this field after the training. You don’t need any prior training to take part, and you can start even if you haven’t worked in the beauty industry before, want to change your job or start a new phase in your career. If you are already working in the beauty industry and are involved in hair removal procedures, this training could be a step forward for you to add laser hair removal to your list of services. Laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty market, as it is a painless and highly advanced procedure that ensures long-lasting results. Our training can also be completely free of charge if you already have experience in the beauty service sector and decide to purchase an ELi LASERS device.


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The aim of our diode laser hair removal procedures, conducted by specialists, is not only the effective removal of unwanted hair. It’s also about how your skin looks and feels after the procedure. Often, hair removal with wax, sugar or other means ends up irritating the skin, causing rashes, ingrown hairs or other unpleasant consequences.  But you can easily avoid this with diode laser procedures – the sure-fire leader in the fight for smooth, beautiful and perfectly even skin. We recommend a full course of these laser procedures to achieve the desired result and quality effect, but we calculate the number of visits required individually. Our laser procedure can remove up to 95% of all hair, so it’s a great way to forget the hassle of conventional hair removal procedures for a long time.


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